Fatty Hypocrites and Their Skinny Shaming

Shirt says “Celebrating 10 Years of Fat Feminism. 1993.” under the three figures.

Today heretical blogger Ferdinand Bardamu commented on the astonishingly histrionic reactions Chad Daring’s ‘The No Fat Chicks Challenge’ got on Tumblr. Various lard-loving, muffin-topped obesity apologists read the article in disgust, unable to contain their tantrums. They then reblogged the entry from Who Needs Feminism?, which featured the link, adding commentary so hostile you’d think it’s a reaction to a tyrannical dictator’s crimes against humanity.


This article makes me want to castrate all men who think like this and rip their vocal chords out so maybe they’ll understand what it’s like to be a female whose opinions are NOT listened to and who is reduced to a “fuck machine” without any sexual activity because apparently personalities aren’t sexy but being a hanger thin puppet is.


This is like mien kampf but against fat girls. It’s so ridiculous.


If you’re a man, and while reading the article in that link you find yourself agreeing, know this: your dick will rot in your sexual prime. I was going to go with a wordy, well thought out argument, but decided not to be coy in my fury.

When I reread the original post, combing the text for triggers that could have spawned such fury, I was disappointed. By Manosphere standards its tone and message are standard fare.

If men en masse adhere to a “no fat chicks” policy, the author proposes that women would have more incentive to stay fit. Fatties whom draft excruciatingly long lists of attributes they look for in partners on dating sites are flabbergasted that roguish men may be developing criteria of their own.

Fighting Shaming With More Shaming

The Tumblr backlash indicates that many of those who need feminism are PC bullies ineffectively promoting pro-fatty doublespeak in order to remain sexually relevant. Their inability to shift men’s hardwired sexual inclinations to suit them is the primary cause of frustration here. Barring fetishists, men sometimes settle for fat chicks but don’t desire them. This is biology at work, and not a cerebral, malleable bias, yet men are demonized for it regardless.

This sums up the pro-fat cultural shift nicely:

Overweight women, particularly of the feminist persuasion, present themselves as victims of constant fat shaming by the lamestream media, obnoxious dudebros, “jealous” female competitors, etc. However is it accurate for them to wave the martyr flag while simultaneously carving a deeper chip in their own shoulder?

Plumptresses attempt to “solve” the problem of fat shaming by lashing out at women deemed too thin. As an example, here’s a meme commonly circulated on Facebook:

Rationalization hamster at work.

They’re intent on stabbing women with higher sexual desirability in the back under the banner of feminism in order to raise their own value. Their method of attack is the very one they speak out against: shaming.

Like protesters invading a beauty pageant, their motivation is not the destruction of the patriarchal nature of the event. That is the justification, but not the underlying cause of their rage. Rather, the stunning women being “objectified” are envied by a troupe of misfits nobody wants to objectivity. Unconsciously they’re protesting against their own personal lack of objectification, or at least the existence of genetically gifted women willing to wield the power of their fleeting beauty to full effect. Far from being an exploited underclass, the beauty queens are opportunists.

As North Americans grow fatter with each passing year (see 2:02 above), it is thin people that are becoming increasingly irregular and as a result being more often shamed for being “too skinny.”

As it is natural for people to feel a tinge of jealously toward others more desired than themselves, trim sexy beasts have to deal their fair share of mean-spirited comments too. Since there aren’t broadcast quality cameras and mics documenting such behavior, supersized TV junkies wrongfully assume that the lookers of the world live a shaming-free existence. In truth, nobody does.

Self-reliance not Big Sister

Attempting to shape self-expression (via political correctness) is a weak “solution” to shaming. As Bill Gates said, ‘before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent’s generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.’

When I’m “shamed” for being skinny or pale (happens often), I either brush it off, conjure a playfully snide retort, or laugh. It no longer phases me. First, I developed my rhino skin. Second, I accepted myself for the pole thin, paper white, contrarian “hipster” I am. Once I got the acceptance part down, better lifestyle habits followed.

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  1. Bystander

    Geddes, this image was circulating on Facebook some time ago – http://p.twimg.com/AjTa9pHCIAEJNAZ.jpg

    In response, this was made – http://www.rooshvforum.com/attachment.php?aid=4586

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    Rating: +11 (from 11 votes)
  2. Lemonparty

    I’m surprised you haven’t covered the feminazi persecution of footballer Ched Evans in UK who was recently imprisoned for 5 years for having consensual sex with a sloppy drunk 19 year old. The system would rather destroy a man’s life than tell a bitch to “deal with it” the regret of her own irresponsible choices. Imagine the hypocritical outrage if the system imprisoned a woman for 5 years and branded her a rapist for having consensual sex with a drunk 19 year old man. Democracy is not freedom, it’s simply rule by the lowest common denominator of mindless mouth breathers.

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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  3. Ah man,Adam had to go and mention that bitch Ferdinand aka cry-baby.

    Anyway,you made some valid points about the revolving cycle of shaming.

    I honestly can’t stand thin women.I prefer them more on the plump size(laybe it’s a black thing lol).

    But I have written massive amounts of articles on my PUA blog shaming the shit out of fat America.So I’m still down for the cause lol.

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
    Rating: -10 (from 12 votes)
  4. @Ferd aka the Turd-Im a poor excuse for a blogger,but I still get more fucking views than your bullshit InMalaFide shit.

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  5. Thommy

    I think curvy women are beatiful if there is a little love handle that is nothing wrong. But fat and obese, no thank you. Been there done that.

    In the end it comes down personal taste.

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  6. CMS

    What about fat men? Do the women make a big deal about fat men? Anyways, I think that people just have their personal preferences and is entitled to it. But just disrespecting someone is going too far.

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  7. Average Guy

    We don’t choose what we like. Most men prefer thinner women, and it’s not a conscious choice- it’s just what we like.

    Ask any of these typical feminists if they would date an overweight guy and they’ll say no. But there’s no double standard going on there, right?

    Feminists: stop trying to make us like fat women. It’s not going to happen. Nothing you can say or do is going to change that.

    We like what we like, and the vast majority of us don’t like overweight women. It’s just that simple.

    It’s not because we’re “brainwashed by the media” or because we hate women.

    We could no more “choose” to be attracted to overweight women than we could “choose” to be gay or “choose” to like a particular ice cream flavor. That’s not the way it works.

    Again, stop trying to make us be attracted overweight women. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

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